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In the early years it document their negotiations that have local resellers when you look at the Essex Condition, particularly David W

Hunter’s accounts endure for the years 1826–1864 and you can 1882–1887. Pitts, Bevan Dandridge Pitts and you will Joseph J. Gouldman. Later the guy moved on their negotiations to merchants inside the Fredericksburg (Edwin Carter and you may James Cooke & Co.) and Baltimore, Md. (McDonky, Parr & Co.). Is the reason 1861 tend to be suggestions off their percentage out of manager’s wages in the “Hunter’s Mountain,” and the ones for 1862–1863 shelter the period regarding his provider throughout the Confederate County Institution and Senate at the Richmond.

Farming information, 1858–1881, are divided in to three organizations: very first, general membership and you will cards not certain as to ranch; second, “Hunter’s Slope” ideas (and additionally a binding agreement having Ebony freedmen as the farm laborers, a great memoranda publication layer months worked and earnings paid down so you can laborers at “Hunter’s Hill” and you may “Fonthill,” and unexecuted deeds towards the “Level Area Job” at the “Hunter’s Mountain”); finally, material concerning the Spindle’s Farm, “Makeshift,” and you may “The brand new Forest” (“Epping Tree”?), every presumably when you look at the Essex State.

Hunter’s Factory info integrate corn and you may wheat receipts and mill levels, 1858–1884; a factory book, 1873–1877, layer surgery of mill in the Essex County; and documents about the watched mill operations (factory guides, 1830–1832 and you may 1868–1869, including memoranda away from levels of plank slash to own users, and you can cards, work purchases and you can accounts).

M. T

Hunter’s real estate information (Package 14) are content, 1847–1856, to the a farm into the Jefferson County, Va. (now W. Virtual assistant.) received about heirs of Adam Stephen Dandridge (1782–1821) and you will sold so you can Meredith Helm. Product regarding the development of Superior, Wisconsin, 1858, tend to be a letter from J. J. Moore to John Littleton Dawson and you can a binding agreement. Gauley Lake Material Providers factors question timber places in the west Virginia, 1854–1859. A good write out-of a statement are made available to this new Virginia General Construction, california. 1854–1855, for the creation of Ohio Lake Team was designed to encourage the update of routing thereon looks out of liquid and you can the estimated directors integrated Matthew Fontaine Maury, Philip Pendleton Dandridge, James Lyons and you will James Hunter (b. 1813).

Hunter); and you will cards towards the payment having people in Congress as well as on this new federal budget into the 1841 (Folder 1)

Up until now Hunter’s instead thorough group out-of records away from his very long political career looks. The original cover his ages given that U. S. congressman from Virginia you need to include: certification out of election, 1839; information, 1841–1849, towards Thomas An excellent. Doyle, good Norfolk indigenous, while the inspector away from culture in the Nyc (as well as page from regarding Francis Mallory to help you Abel Parker Upshur, fee and you may level letter [franked of the Chairman John Tyler], emails off William Grigsby Freeman and James Andrew Jackson Bradford, and you can a page away from Doyle so you can Roentgen. In addition to provided is content, 1841–1843, regarding John C. Calhoun’s quote into presidential nomination within the 1844 (in addition to emails written by or managed to help you Calhoun, Cornelius Clarke Baldwin [regarding the a meeting of ironmasters into the Virginia within Lexington within the 1841], Virgil Maxcy, Jouel Young [duplicate taken to the newest Washington Spectator]) (Folder dos).

The following number of ideas (Container 15) inquiries Hunter’s community in the You.S. Senate, 1847–1861 (throughout the an integral part of and therefore day the guy supported because the president away from the brand new Senate Panel to the Money) and include: Hunter’s notes into admission off Ca into the Commitment and government incomes, 1847–1848; a circulated circular of one’s annual fulfilling of your own United kingdom Society regarding Household members concerning the Ebony thraldom and African slave-trade (1849); a released proposition from Isaac William Hayne away from South carolina about the protection of hobbies out of servant-carrying says; and you will content concerning Western coinage (Folder step 1). And additionally provided are: Hunter’s cards into 1850 Give up and you may you can easily constitutional amendments (the brand new guidance regarding John C. Calhoun?); a beneficial petition away from customers of Pennsylvania contrary then purchase of region and you will expansion regarding government jurisdiction; listings away from members of this new Virginia legislature in the 1850–1851 session (Folder 2); material, ca. 1855, concerning the personal places and you can Virginia bounty lands (resolutions of your own Virginia Standard Installation, draft out-of government laws, notes); Robert Selden Garnett communications (copies) having Samuel Cooper towards Garnett’s provider from the You. S. Army, 1855; content, 1855–1857, regarding tariff expenses out of 1857 (Folder 3); presidential election from 1856 and you can candidacy away from R. Huntsman with the nomination of the Democratic People (as well as letters authored to help you Muscoe Russell Huntsman Garnett and you will Lewis Edwin Harvie from the Basil Magruder Jones, Lawrence Slaughter Mayre, Albert Gallatin Pendleton and you may Thomas N. Welch, and a number of members of brand new Virginia Home from Delegates to have the 1855–1856 concept) (Folder cuatro); app to have shell out raise for U. S. Inspectors out-of society, with service product, california. 1858; materials over the Changwon beautiful women brand new business out of a good steamship range and you can head send service between the U. S. and Germany; report (copy) from James Auld regarding T. W. Tansill and the You. S.–North american country Boundary Commission, 1858; ingredients out of a letter towards attacks into Americans for the Isle out-of Raiatea in 1858; letter, 1859, away from Ambrose W. Thompson so you can Erastus Tunstall Montague regarding tariffs in addition to line of heritage obligations; and you may product, 1860, in regards to the Austrian money (Folder 5); 1860 presidential venture and Hunter’s candidacy into the nomination of one’s Popular Party (in addition to emails out of Charles Mason in order to William bler, Jonathan B. Stovall to Littleton Dennis Quinton Arizona, and you can paper clippings) (Folder 6); and constituent needs, 1861; paper clippings; general miscellany (Folder seven).

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